Daily Record May 18th 1993 [single]

by Randan Discotheque

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"the sort of oddity that Mr. John Peel would have alerted us to...Doesn't sound like anything else this week, month or year, which is all the better AND You get a free raffle ticket when you buy it - a gimmick I am happy to report Randan Discotheque need not have employed" - Drowned in Sound (Wendy Roby)

“Randan Discotheque, belt out two marvellous tunes on this double sided single and make a name for themselves” - Bearded Magazine

“a bunch of dated tabloid stories delivered in a lo-fi, hip-hop, electro-pop mash-up with more wit and charisma than a million Cribs” - The List

“A Quirky scratchy old school indie thing, a different thing, the kind of thing the much missed Mr Peel would have run with in the way he did with these delightfully different things...” - Organ

“Time To Waste is a completely different beast to the A-Side, Magazine to Daily Record's Black Grape, but every bit as good” - Aye Tunes

“Part psych, part beats, part weird.any song that namechecks Colin Hendry is worthy of anyone's attention” - Faded Glamour

Not quite a pill-popping night out,but Randan Discotheque’s swelling numbers have inspired a bulbous, vibrant sound that nudges new single ‘Daily Record May 18th, 1993’ into more commercially pleasing climes” - Under the Radar

“A cross between Half Man Half Biscuit and Billy Joel. ’Time to Waste‘ boasts choppy Echo and the Bunnymen guitar and a multitracked chorus which could also be straight from Duran Duran, when they were good” - Is This Music?

“Brilliant, should sell millions of copies” - Glasgow Podcart

“this drab list of random utterances is as wearyingly parochial as the rag it purports to lampoon. There’s no insight and, ultimately, no point to what's on offer here” - The Skinny (1/5)


released August 31, 2009

Written and performed by Randan Discotheque
Produced by Randan Discotheque, Neil Landstrumm & Dave Maclean



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Daily Record May 18th 1993
I forgot about that, Timex dispute, 90 Day Anniversary
I forgot about that, plans to privatise British Rail have been scrapped
I forgot about that, the Angel of Death, Beverly Allitt
I forgot about that, filled a syringe with a lethal dose of potassium

Daily Record 1993
Daily Record May ‘93
Daily Record May 18th 1993

I forgot about that, Cliff Mair sold his wife to an Arab millionaire
I forgot about that, for 5 grand, but he won’t be doing that again
I forgot about that, on page 10, Denis Law is today’s Great Scot
I forgot about that, Aquarius is told “one invitation will lead to another”

Daily Record 1993
Daily Record May ‘93
Daily Record May 18th 1993

I forgot about that, Kasparov and Nigel Short fight it out
I forgot about that, this championship is a positive development for chess worldwide
I forgot about that, paratroopers running amok in an Ulster town
I forgot about that, a friends legs were blown off by an IRA bomb

Daily Record 1993
Daily Record May ‘93
Daily Record May 18th 1993

I forgot about that, Simon Stainrod boss of Dundee FC
I forgot about that, sacked on the Tuesday, back in on the Thursday
I forgot about that, Alan Main, Ally Maxwell, Stephen Wright
I forgot about that, Colin Hendry, Christian Dailly, Stewart McKimmie!

Daily Record 1993
Daily Record, May ‘93
Daily Record, May 18th 1993
Track Name: Time to Waste
It's a long way, til 40
It's a long way, til 50
It's a longer way, til 60
It's a longer way, til 70

I, I, I don't have time to waste

It's a long wait, til I'm married
It's a long wait, for a baby
It's a longer wait, til I'm ready
It's a long wait, for my baby

I, I, I don't have time to waste